canggu Guide

Bali bohemian joie de vivre

For many expats and post-tourists, this is home.

A sprawling area in North Kuta, Canggu is the best Bali can offer in terms of residential and commercial combo without losing its traditional value.

It offers a general vibe where people, from surfers to digital nomads, custom bike mechanics to yoga practitioners commingling together in one of its beach clubs, healthy-eating restaurants or those hip, cozy small cafes.

This is the place to meet new and interesting people. So authentic the experience it offers, it gives birth to the well-known Canggu lifestyle.

What is that? Come, visit and figure out yourself.

Canggu is a multi-international residential area. Expats, surfers and hipsters co-mingle in this area. This neighbourhood is home of at least 5 famous beaches, scores of healthy food restaurants, uber-chic cafes and surf bars. Furthermore, many international schools are located within its radius, from pre-school to secondary years. This is the northern-most frontier of where the heaviest development in Bali is taking place.

There’s a bit of confusion about where Canggu really is. But don’t be confused anymore. Canggu is the name of a part of North Kuta and used to cover the whole Berawa area (where Canggu Club is located). That’s what started the whole confusion. Administratively, it’s the name of the area limited to Echo Beach and its immediate surrounding area. However, when people talk about Canggu they probably mean a greater area from Berawa to Pererenan.

After arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport, your first tip on the ground is to avoid the touts and taxis, and get straight onto your phone for an Uber. While a “Bluebird Taxi” will charge you anywhere from IDR 200–300k for a relatively short trip (make sure the meter is on), you’ll find that an Uber ride is much cheaper (100-150k). There’s free Wifi at the airport as well, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting online.

Canggu is home to vibrant communities centered around places of interests: health-related, surf-related, custom-bike related, Eastern Europe-related and so on and so forth. There are a lot of activities that you can do here. Its proximity to all interesting places in North Kuta makes it an ideal HQ. Party spots are close enough without being too far: meaning you get all the fun but not the fuzz.

As Bali is known as “the island of Gods” you will find temples almost everywhere. In Canggu you'll find beautiful temples and shrines directly at the beach. The world famous Tanah Lot temple is just 20 minutes away. Tanah Lot means “land in the sea” and it is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons.

Let’s start with the conditions. Canggu is one of the best spot for beginners and you should definitely give it a shot. However, always be aware of the current,  which is quite strong in Bali and also be aware of rips and rocks. Mid-tide to high-tide is so far the best for surfing in Canggu.

The main and most famous spot in Canggu is Echo beach (Batu Bolong), but you still have the choice between other great spots on Bali’s west coast.

– Stairs

– Rivermouth

– Sandbanks

– Old Man

There is the Splash Water Park in Canggu with six water slides. It's not expensive and you can spend a great and fun day with your family.

There are several small clinics in Canggu, but the nearest hospital is located at Sunset Road in Kuta. The hospitals are close and the clinics offer you help in an occasion.

Even though Canggu can’t be compared to Kuta, you'll still find many bars and clubs to dance until dawn. These places are famous for their easy-going rules, entering on flip flops or bare feet,  you still will be welcomed and treated as a normal guest. The atmosphere in Canggu is unique.

Canggu offers the charm of “real Bali”, while still providing plenty of activities, bars, restaurants, clubs and a beautiful beach. Furthermore,  you can go swimming or surfing at the beach and get a massage in the shadow afterwards.

There is the Nirwana Golf Course in Canggu. You can enjoy a 18 holes course while experiencing a miniature travel through Bali. The course will take you through rice fields, along the Indian Ocean and you'll get a glimpse on the famous Tanah Lot Temple.

You can book horse riding tours in Canggu and have the opportunity to choose between riding at the beach or through villages. We recommend you to go in the morning or at sunset, while it’s not so hot.


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