lombok Guide

The beautiful half-sister

Spending years dubbed as a mere sister island of the uber-beautiful Bali, overshadowed and burdened by its status as the next Bali, Lombok is a beauty in her own right.

Whether it’s Lombok’s white-sand beaches, turquoise-colored bays or its mighty Rinjani, the god-given beauty of this island will blow travellers away.  In any single day. Perfect for surfing, trekking and even just for few poses before the camera, Lombok is a place where the nature manifests itself in the most wonderful form to human aesthetics.

That restlessness inside you? It’s your wanderlust heeding to its call for an adventure...

Lombok is the neighboring island of Bali. The islands is located in the West Nusa Tenggara province and can easily be reached by boat and plane.

Lombok has its own international airport. 

If you travel from Bali, Lombok mainland is less than an hour flight or 2-3 hours by boat.

The beach area is more preferable than anything else, excluding Mount Rinjani area.

Unlike Bali, but like most of Indonesian islands, Lombok hosts a majority of Muslim citizens. When traveling in Lombok, be aware of this cultural aspect and be respectful. Avoid shorts, or provocative/ unappropriate summer clothes.

The whole island is surrounded by fantastic beaches of which most are covered in clean white sand and fringed by coconut palms. With so many beaches and small islands surrounding Lombok, it offers myriad diving and snorkeling opportunities. Furthermore, Lombok is becoming a world renowned surfing destination amongst surf enthusiasts.

Much of the island is still covered by natural rain forest and jungles, making Lombok ideal for ecotourism and adventure tours. There are spectacular waterfalls on the island which provide lovely trekking opportunities, whether travelling independently or as part of a tour.

The climate of Lombok is similar to the Bali climate and most tourists prefer to visit Lombok in the dry season. But the wet season is less humid and rainfall is not overly high, making this time of the year an overlooked first choice.

There are many rumors about Malaria in Lombok, but the people from Lombok say that it isn’t true and that Malaria had been exterminated years ago. Anyway, you should always protect yourself from mosquitos.

You will find the Sasak tribe on Lombok. The Sasak tribes using the Sasak language as their language and most of them are Islamic. The name of Sasak comes from "sak-sak", what means canoe. There are approximately 3 million Sasak people living on Lombok and it's considered as the biggest tribe in the province.

Lombok is blessed with white sanded beaches, epic surf spots and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields. Furthermore, you'll find Mt. Rinjani, the second highest volcano of Indonesia.

Lombok is famous for the Desert Point Wave. But the truth is that Lombok offers far more surf spots than that. Most of the other waves are much uncrowded and more user friendly than Desert Point. You should visit Belongas Bay, Kuta, Grupuk and Ekas as well. It’s worth it.

The town called Senggigi is the most upbeat and populated area of the island, but is still relatively quiet compared to Bali. You can find a number of late-night clubs and bars with live music until the early hours and free flowing drinks.


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