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Welcome to luxury accommodation in unspoilt surrounds at Sumba Nautil Resort Hotel. Sure to amaze are our immaculate bungalows and gourmet 'wine and dining' in the heart of Indonesia's most traditional and beautiful islands.

Arriving for action or relaxation, you will feel at home. Trekking or horse riding through animist villages, viewing exotic festivals such as the Pasola, megalithic tombs, beautiful Ikat cloths, art and crafts. Surfing, game fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving, our beaches have it all.


Sumba Nautil Resort - Cottage Superior

IDR 1,850,000

Sumba Nautil Resort - Cottage Luxe

IDR 2,150,000

Sumba Nautil Resort - Room 10 or 11

IDR 700,000

Sumba Nautil Resort - Room 8 or 9

IDR 500,000

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