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Where Gods Smiled

Until just recently a hidden beauty on the eastern part of Indonesia, Raja Ampat has bloomed into a laudable travel destination, all without disturbing its natural persona.

They said gods were smiling when they created Indonesian archipelago. If that's true, their smile must be so bright when they created Raja Ampat.

The name, which means "Four Kings", derives from a local legend, in which it refers to the four major islands in this northwestern tip of Papua. A background story that fits such a place worthy of legendary status for its beauty.

Raja Ampat consists of 1500 islands and is located in the far east of Indonesia. The archipelago is in the west of Papua. Just check our map above to get a detailed insight.

Raja Ampat consist of 1500 islands and can be considered as one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful archipelagos. If that isn’t convincing enough you might be interested in the wild life of the area. Scientists call it the species factory as it offers more than 10 times the number of species found in the whole Caribbean.

Raja Ampat is a year-round travel destination but it receives the most rain between May and October. That can make jungle walks quite hard. The time between July and September offers the calmest sea and the clearest water. Of course you can go diving anytime, but during between these months even paradise can get a little more beautiful.

Raja Ampat offers remote luxury resorts, diving resorts, and homestays. The resorts will arrange everything there is to do for your trip but they are very costly. The budget opportunity is homestays. Additionally they offer a insight in the culture of the Asmat People, the traditional inhabitants of Raja Ampat.

Yes,  there is one city called Waisai, on the island of Waigeo, and it's considered as the capital of Raja Ampat. The citizens of Waigeo speak the Waigeo language. This is just underlining how remote this place is. The city has around 40.000 inhabitants.

The nearest airport is located in Sorong on West Papua. There are frequent flights from the biggest Indonesian airports such as Jakarta, Maluku and Sulawesi. From Sorong you have to take a ferry to Waisai, on the island of Waigeo. Most of the hosts will pick you up there.

Did you ever want to discover an island? Raja Ampat is one of the most remote places worldwide and when you step at one of the 1700 islands, you might be the first human ever doing so. This feeling is a life time experience.

No matter where you stick your head under the water in Raja Ampat, you'll be dazzled by a rainbow of luminous fish and corals. From coral reefs to ship wrecks, you'll find everything you ever wanted between those beautiful islands.

Raja Ampat is a diving paradise that offers more than 10 times the number of different corals in the Caribbean. There are around 1700 different species of fish, living in the corals and you can sea turtles, manta rays and sharks. If you ever wanted to discover new species you might find it in Raja Ampat.

Bring everything you need with you. Don’t count on buying it there. Even in Waisai, Raja Ampat main city, you won’t find everything you might need : medicines, mosquito repellent, first aid kit...

All of the diving operators can offer first aid but the nearest hospital is in Sorong on the main island of West Papua. So you should travel with some medicine and plasters in order to have a happy trip till the end.

There is one Bank with an ATM in Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat. We recommend you to bring enough cash to be forearmed for any kind of situations.

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