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Picturesque family-friendly beachline. Friendly people. Rounds of beers. A perfect vacation getaway.

Before the sun sets in Seminyak, it rises in Sanur. It’s your perfect place to spot the break of dawn in Bali.

Unlike Kuta and Seminyak, Sanur is Bali’s Little Asia. Discover ethnic goods and antiques along its streets. Enjoy local foods or familiar delicacies in one of Sanur’s nice joints. Make friends with fellow travelers over beers.

All in one afternoon.

Sanur is a coastal stretch of beach and is located in the north east of Denpasar City. The city is very peaceful and considered as the ideal destination for your family holidays.

Sanur is not as crowded as some other Balinese towns. You can easily rent a scooter or a car. You also can use taxi services.

In parallel to the beach runs a long street with a high number of souvenirs shops, cafés and restaurants. Almost every restaurant offer small shows in the evening, such as a band concerts or balinese traditional dances.

Sanur is where the tourism first started on the island. Thus, there are a lot of restaurants, cafés and activities. All along the beach was built a small path that satisfies you if you wish to run, walk or walk the dog. Sanur is quiet and safe, it's the best place for relaxing at the beach or family vacation.

And this is one of the best places in Bali to watch the sunrise...

Sanur offers great water sport activities and has an amazing beach with very calm seas. It is the perfect place to watch the sunrise and to spend relaxing days at the beach. Furthermore it is a great starting sport for day trips to Ubud, Padang Bai, and the Bukit.

Compared to other places in Bali the surfing here is not great... There are reasonable breaks during the wet season (about October to March), but during the rest of the year, you'll probably get bored really quickly. In the wet season you will have no problem locating the breaks. Boards can be rented at Sanur Beach at affordable prices.

Many watersports are offered at Sanur Beach. You can try kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing or paragliding. Not feeling like doing some sport ? Hire a banana boat and hit the calm waters.

There are many Diving Centers located in Sanur, as it is very close to great diving spots between Bali and Lombok. Most of the Diving Centres provide day trips, where they bring you to the best diving spots on  the East coast of Bali. You should consider Sanur for as your diving holiday destination because of its great variety of diving spots.

There are bars and restaurants in Sanur which are also open at night. They provide a relaxed atmosphere with live music and good food. But compared to Kuta, Sanur can be considered as very quiet.

Sanur is a great place to stay with your family. It is very quiet and private, the beaches are clean and the sea is calm. To put it all into a nutshell Sanur might offer the most family friendly beach days on Bali.

There is a 18 holes Golf Course in Sanur, called The Bali Beach Golf Course. It is set in an environment of very mature, tall trees, has been given a face lift, with the introduction of lakes, mounding and features, including newly designed and constructed greens all of which add to the aesthetic beauty of the course. The course provides fun days for all skill levels.

Definitely a must see and must do is to go on a boat trip through the mangroves. There you will experience Bali’s beautiful nature and colorful tropical birds. Furthermore are the mangroves of Bali considered as one of the most important eco systems and the Balinese people put a lot of effort into protecting, preserving and rehabilitating them.


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