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One stop destination for fine dining, vibrant clubs, classy boutiques and helluva good time in Bali.

There’s a saying (unknown till now), “When in doubt, go to Seminyak.” It never fails.

Geographically, Seminyak is an extension of Kuta to the north. However, it offers different vibes (and different fashion senses) from the latter. It is as if Seminyak is champagne to Kuta’s beer.

Seminyak is the best place to enjoy sunset and company of your dearest, either by the beach or high atop one of many Seminyak’s rooftop bars.

Seminyak offer all kind of accommodations, from hostel with shared rooms to Luxury Beach Resorts. Please check our offer below to find your dream accommodation.

After arriving at Ngurah Rai International Airport, your first tip on the ground is to avoid the touts and taxis, and get straight onto your phone for an Uber ride. While a “Bluebird Taxi” will charge you anywhere from IDR 100K to IDR 150K for a relatively short trip (make sure the meter is on), you’ll find that an Uber is much, much cheaper. There’s free Wifi at the airport as well, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting online.

Seminyak is one of the best places to party, shop and relax. The town is build along the beach, so it's pretty easy to reach the coast from all parts of the city.

Our advice would be for you to rent your own scooter. Seminyak has very crowded roads and it is simpler, cheaper and quicker to commute with a scooter. Of course, taxi is an option, especially for large groups and families. In Seminyak, you don’t need to try to find them, they will find you. In every street taxis are hunting for passengers to drive to their next adventures. You can also rent your own car but we would recommend you not to do it in Seminyak.

There is the Pura Petintenget. It is a Hindu temple that is located right at the Petintenget Beach. It offers a peaceful hideout from the busy streets in Seminyak and is definitely worth the visit.

Seminyak offers dozens of beach clubs. We recommend you to visit the famous Potato Head Beach Club and the Cocoon Beach Club. Both of them have great DJ’s, delicious food and incredible drinks.

Yes you can! There is the AJ Hackett Bungy at Double Six nightclub on Seminyak Beach. It is best known bungy jump in Bali and it is run the famous New Zealand-based AJ Hackett group. The jump is 45 m over a pool, and there is an elevator to the top of the tower. Jumping right by the beach is spectacular at any time of the day, but it‘s open all night so you can take also the plunge accompanied by thumping dance beats.

There are many galleries in Seminyak. You will find Burmese art, abstract art, Balinese and Buddhist paintings, ceramics and sculptures from all over Southeast Asia and antique statues in those galleries.

Seminyak is one of the trendiest places to be in Bali. Its streets are hosting adorable cafés, fashionable shops and impressive bars. It is colorful, friendly, hype.

The Stylish nightlife spots in Seminyak complement the chic fashion boutiques, luxury spas and classy dining spots of the day. Most of the localities are dining spots by day, and then transforms fo nightlife hangouts as the sun goes down. Most of the clubs and lounges offer elegant interior design with their daybed facilities, poolside bars, lively performances and a wide range of fine quality cocktails, wines and champagnes. Well-known international DJs twirl the tables to fill the air until dawn.

Seminyak offers a lively sandy beach with a lots of waves which are loved by surfers. Unfortunately those waves are unfavourable conditions to go diving. But there are many diving tour operators in Seminyak, who will be happy to bring you to Bali’s best diving spots.

Seminyak’s coastline is basically one very long sandy beach. It offers many beach breaks and incredible good waves. The waves in Seminyak are good for all skills of surfers. It is the perfect place to learn surfing on Bali and even for experienced surfers still challenging enough to have fun every day.


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