sumba Guide

an indonesian gem

Land of the ancient. Rugged. Beautiful. Outlandish.

She guards her beautiful beaches like secrets. Come and let her beauty unfold before you.

Sumba is located in East Nusa Tenggara, only 45-minutes flight from Bali. Touted to be the next Bali, it’s an island rich with culture, friendly people and natural awesomeness.

They say Sumba is an island time forgot. Once you set your foot on to this place, though, forgetting it is the last thing you will do.

Discover Sumba and start your adventure now.

Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands and in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Take a look on our ma above to get a detailed insight.

High season in Sumba is from March to October. 

Although Sumba does not receive nearly as much rainfall as islands in the north, November to March remains the rainy season.

Seasonal air temperatures range from 26°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F) with the hottest months being November through February.

There are 2 major cities in Sumba: Waingapu in East Sumba and Waitabula (aka Tambolaka).

Each one of them is home to a domestic airport Waingapu Airport and Tambolaka Airport.

South-West Sumba: Great surfing spots, amazing landscape and sunsets.

North-West Sumba: Quiet, no waves. Amazing diving and snorkeling.

Malaria has been totally eradicated from the West part of the island, but remains a concern for populations living in the East of Sumba. Like in lots of Indonesian islands, Dengue fever is still around.

Operators. BEWARE! As of today only Telekomsel is available in Sumba.

Coverage. In the cities phones work fine. In remote places it is not always the case.

3G. Near the cell towers you can get some 3G coverage. Sumba 3G is slower than in Bali although it is getting better year on year.

WIFI. Some rare places offer a free wifi service.

In the main towns, Waingapu, Waikabubak and Waitabula, there are now ATM machines. With credit cards or debit cards you can get cash 24 hours a day. Before leaving one of the bigger towns it is important to change these bills into smaller denominations as there is little or no change in the villages.

In Sumba you will find remote surf spot to explore, tropical jungles to discover, emerald lakes to swim in and magnificent pristine bays to dive in. Sumba fulfills all desires of the typical adventurer.

Sumba is one of the fastest developing islands in Indonesia. The Island already has two airports and extensive new roads construction. The Island offers some of the greatest surfing and scuba diving locations worldwide and offers an incredible diverse and unspoiled nature.

Sumba has a semi-arid climate. Especially the east part of the island is characterized by the hot Australian climate. The dry season lasts from May to October. From November to April it might rain. The monsoon or rainy season lasts from about 3 months in the east  and up to 5 months in the west.

You will find local hospitals in the major towns called Waingapu, Waikabubak and Waitabula. But be aware that those hospital might not fulfill western standards. Therefore we recommend you to bring the most essential medicine when you travel to Sumba.

From Bali you can either use Garuda Indonesia or Lion Air. Garuda Indonesia has a brand new jet airplane that will take you from Denpasar to Tambolaka airport in only 45 minutes. Lion Air is a propeller plane. The flight takes about 1h20.

Price: between IDR 800,000 and IDR 900,000.

Concerning tribal villages, Sumba is without a doubt one of the most mind blowing islands in Indonesia. Sumba offers a lot of ethno tourism opportunities but we recommend you to be aware as conflict may break out anytime with the tribes. Each tribal village has its own laws and values.


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