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The calmer side of Bali. Green and laid-back. Even time slows down here.

A place to contemplate. To write. To relax. To connect with nature and whatnot.

No. There’s no beach in Ubud. But what it lacks in the tanning department, you’ll get plenty on the spiritual side. Ubud is full of meditation gurus and yoga practitioners. It's a thriving community of ethical and balanced lifestyle.

Yes. Its beauty is that inspiring you can’t help taking a step back and doing some soul-searching here. Ubud is rejuvenation. For the body and the mind.

Ubud is a small village located in the north of Denpasar. It is in the center of Bali, near Gianyar and surrounded by beautiful rice fields, the tropical rainforest and massive waterfalls.

Depending on the driver, you can have a ride for IDR 300.000 up to 400.000

Ubud has a lot of nature-related and spirituality-related activities to offer. If you're in Ubud you should definitely see the Tegallalang rice terace that have been recognized by the UNESCO as world’s patrimony. 

The Sacred Monkey Forest is a must-see. It's situated in the middle of town and the entrance fee is IDR 30.000. 
Many beautiful temples are located around Ubud as well, like Tirta Empul, Gunung Kawi etc...

The famous Monkey Forest in Ubud is located right in the centre of the city. You will find it very easily. As soon as you enter the forest you will feel like your completely surrounded by jungle and monkeys.

It should be on every travellers to-do list. Try to go there in the morning to avoid the heat and the peak of attendance. 

While visiting the Monkey Forest you should be aware of the monkeys. It’s amazing to see wild living monkeys and you shouldn’t be scared but they love to steal sunglasses and hats.
Don't provoke them, they could bite you bite you. For instance don't steal their food or hide it. Even if you have some fruits in plastic bags, in your backpack you can be sure that they will smell them and find them. They will jump on your shoulders and try to open your back until they’re successful so the best solution is not to bring food in.  

Ubud offers a wide variety to the roaming traveler from traditional village roadside stalls to upmarket fine dining restaurants. The incredible hub from Jalan Raya Ubud to Jalan Monkey Forest offers amazing dining experiences and most of the time, with a stunning view.

Ubud is the favorite destination for yogists. Several studios will offer you various spiritual retreats or yoga lessons, such as the famous Yoga Barn. 

The palace and its temple, Puri Saren Agung are definetly a must see. They share a space in the heart of Ubud. The compound was built after the earthquake 1917 and the local royal family still lives there. You can wander around most of the large compound and explore many traditional, though not excessively ornate, buildings. It’s simply mind blowing!

Of course the Monkey Forest and Teggalalang rice terraces are must-see. 

And you have to visits the differents temples in the region around Ubud

There are several bars in Ubud which offer live music at night and great live shows. But as Ubud is considered as the spiritual centre of Bali you won’t find many big night clubs. The CP lounge is one of the few. 

We will find many art galleries in Ubud. They offer a great insight into the local art culture by exposing beautiful paintings, mind blowing wood art and incredible sculptures.

There is the “Museum Puri Lukisan” that focusses on the time when the first artists began to abandon purely religious themes.
Furthermore there is the cultural centre founded by Agung Rai. It offers a world class collection of Balinese, Indonesian and European artists. This cultural centre consists of the art museum, botanical gardens and a hotel.
Of course there are many more museums in Ubud. Just go there and check it out!

You will find many rafting operators in Ubud. They will take you to the Ayung River where you can go white water rafting with local guides. It is around 30US$ per person but definitely worth the money.


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