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2015, Dec 09
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Jalan West Beach Gili Air. Inscrit 2015, Dec 09

Experience an Island Oasis in The Grand Sunset

At the Grand Sunset, paradise and luxury is within your reach. Situated in Gili Air, a small island on the northwestern shores of Lombok, Indonesia and quick boat ride away from Bali, the Grand Sunset is an oceanfront resort hotel where azure waters and curving coastlines of white sand beaches intertwine with contemporary design and architecture, including all the modern conveniences you find in top hotels.

The Grand Sunset takes comfortable island living to a whole new level, offering a variety of world-class accommodations that cater to different types of travelers.

Guests who want a spacious and inviting place to unwind and get some sleep after a day of snorkeling or diving the waters of Gili Air would feel at home in our Deluxe rooms. Each unit has a partial scenic view of the Bali Sea, as well as a relaxing pool view. Elegant marble floors and walls with open-air bathrooms make this a contemporary haven in the middle of a tropical island paradise. Prices vary according to season.

Grand Sunset Gili Air

Grand Sunset Gili Air - Standard Room (Partial View)

8,500,000 IDR

Grand Sunset Gili Air - Deluxe Room (Partial Ocean View)

850,000 IDR

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