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Habite à Kediri Tabanan, Cepaka / Kediri/ Tabanan / Bali, Indonesia. Inscrit 2015, Dec 10

My name is Made I was born in Tabanan and I live in Bali my whole life. I lives with my wife (Ayu) and my 3 daughters (Oka 21, Niki 16, and Niti 10) . Ayu is a great cook. She prepare delicious and healthy breakfast each morning and she will also prepare lunch and dinner upon request. and We love meeting people from around the world and learn about their culture. And we love to share our culture too.
We have had guests from France, Nepal, Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden and so many more with whom we are happy to share stories . We loves gives the opportunity to experience Balinese culture up close.

Our house is traditional Balinese style. Our 2 rooms of the homestay are simple and pleasant, and have a beautiful Balinese style thatched roof/ceiling. We live on a quiet road in the village. but we are close 10 minute to the beach. We have some activities while our guest stay in our home-stay like walking in rice field, go around the village see the village temple, learn Balinese Bamboo music. I perfectly know the island and its little secrets. If you need a special tour, I'll be happy to be your guide.

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Desa Cepaka Home Stay

250,000 IDR

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