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2016, Jan 26
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Waigeo Island. Inscrit 2016, Jan 25

Kordiris Homestay can accommodate up to twenty people in ten rooms.

Kordiris has a 4 room bungalow with hammocks on a shared verandah and a 3 room bungalow with a shared verandah with a small table and bench seats. One of the rooms in the 3 room bungalow has a free standing bed, the other rooms have mattresses on the floor. All beds have mattress covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets.

Kordiris also offers three private bungalows, each of which sleeps two people. One of the bungalows is over water, the other two are on land. All the private bungalows are a single room with covered verandah at the front. Bedding is mattresses on the floors, equipped with covers, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets. The over water bungalow has a hammock on the verandah and bungalow 3 has a small table and plastic chairs.

Meals are served in a large dining room built over the water. The dining room has fantastic views and is equipped with a pair of large tables and lots of bench seating. Drinking water, tea and coffee are always available there.

In addition to the main dining area, there are two additional shelters with tables and benches for relaxing or if you’re in the mood for private dining. More opportunities for relaxing are provided by the hammocks strung between trees in the beautiful shady gardens. Bench seating and beachside table settings are also provided.

An outhouse building contains a dip mandi bathroom and separate western pedestal style toilet.

Mobile phone reception at Kordiris is good and a generator provides electricity for lighting and charging devices.

The villages of Yenbeser and Friwen are both about 15 minutes’ boat ride away if you need supplies.

Maria speaks excellent English and lives on site.

Kordiris Homestay

Kordiris Homestay - Single Standard Room

345,000 IDR

Kordiris Homestay, Private Bungalow - Single

402,500 IDR

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