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Profil de Rinjani Beach Eco Resort

Atas, Jl. Raya Tj., Karang Baru,. Inscrit 2016, May 03

Rinjani Beach has bamboo bungalows and villas; each with its own theme; hammocks on private porches, and access to a pool on the black-sand beach. Waste water is treated and used to water the lush grounds.

Rinjani Beach Eco Resort

Rinjani Beach - Backpacker Bungalow, Lombok

460,000 IDR

Rinjani Beach - Honeymoon Villa, Lombok

1,552,500 IDR

Rinjani Beach - Bamboo Bungalow, Lombok

1,242,000 IDR

Rinjani Beach Eco Resort, Family Bungalow, Lombok

1,897,500 IDR

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