About us
Who is Bedforest ?

The Bedforest team literally looooves to travel. We believe that it is such a great chance to go abroad and discover other cultures, landscapes and lifestyles.

For a long time, we (Anaïs and Omri from France) had already developed a special taste for the globetrotting lifestyle and managed to do our fair share of travel miles around the world.

When not on holidays, we both lived and worked in Paris but started to find our office somewhat too small for us and decided to make a few changes in our lives…

From big cities to the countryside, from crowded capitals to remote islands, every place in the world has its very specific energy and magic. Tourism is obviously participating in the general growth of many countries. Unfortunately, not everyone benefits from it. Sometimes the people and the natural environment are neglected. They fall victims to a too fast and disorganized development.

Noticing these gaps, perhaps too clearly, we came up with the idea of creating a platform that would connect travellers from all around the world, and at the same time, provide a generous system that could benefit the ones in need.

Improving the locals’ well being, protecting endangered species, being part of a more conscious, ecological world at the same time: these are the pillars of Bedforest philosophy.

And here we were, starting to develop this crazy concept, absolutely certain that this project would greatly profit travelers as well as local populations and environment. Bali was chosen as Bedforest stronghold (Yes we love sun and beautiful islands, so why not make hard work more enjoyable?). So we both took a one-way plane ticket and moved to the Island of Gods.

Developing a website from scratch is definitely not an easy road. After a fair amount of setbacks, we managed to gather a great team and started our endeavor. It took us almost 2 years till our beta launch and all of it was self funded (that’s probably why it took us so long. Ahah!)

But we made sure the website was user friendly, ergonomic and fully operational.

JULY 2015
Then finally in July 2015, TADAAAA! We went live!

You’ll easily find your dream vacation home, and connect with new people around the world.

Wait, did we mention that you would be able to book at a lower rate than you would anywhere else without extra fees?

Yes, GUESTS PAY NO FEES on Bedforest. ZERO. NADA. KOSONG. Let it be known!

Join the happy Bedforest team and find your perfect gateway for holiday, business trip, or just to escape from your busy lifestyle for a weekend, while enjoying the satisfaction of helping others!

And don’t hesitate to share with us your travel experiences!