Bedforest FAQ

How Does it work?

Bedforest is a platform for travellers and welcoming Hotels / Property owners in Indonesia. Travellers and Hotels / Property owners are connected through the website to settle a rental deal. Bedforest offers the widest choice of properties around Indonesia for Travellers who want to travel and save money, and to offer the best visibility as possible for property owners who want to rent their properties.

Experiment a new way of travelling, through Bedforest’s Booking with a Meaning spirit.

Bedforest is the only vacation rental website which donates 1% of the booking amount to Non-Profits.

The Traveller can communicate through Bedforest with the Hotels / Property owner, in order to check the availability of the property, or if he wants to ask for additional information to the Hotels / Property owner. Once the Hotels / Property owner confirms the availability of his property, the Traveller is invited to proceed to the payment.

For security reasons, Bedforest will not release the funds until 48 hours after checking.

Registration on Bedforest is easy, fast, and totally FREE for both Traveller and the Hotels / Property owner.

Unlike most Online Booking System, Bedforest doesn’t add its commission fees on the displayed price of a property for the Traveller. Travellers pay the price that is initially displayed. Period.

Hotels / Property owners:
A 15% commission fee is retained on the overall funds that are being sent to the Hotels / Property owner.
No monthly or annual subscription fee.

We donate 1% of the booking amount to the Non-Profit chosen by the Traveller. This donation is included in the overall Bedforest service fees.

You can contact us by mail
The Bedforest Team will do anything to answer you as fast as possible, and bring you a satisfying answer to your request.

On Bedforest, all the transactions are in IDR.
Bedforest website is currently available in three languages: English, French and Indonesian.

No. You cannot modify or delete a feedback written about you by other members on Bedforest.

We believe in liberty and transparency for everyone to ensure a clear communication and a trustful community.

Peer-to-peer home sharing is new in Indonesia. We strongly encourage Hotels / Property owner to check with the local regulators about housing policies and its updates.

Hotels / Property owners

Everyone who has a property in Indonesia can be a Hotels / Property owner on Bedforest. It is free to register and put your property online. Whatever kind of property you have, however big your property is and wherever your property is located.

Log in or sign up if you don’t have an account yet (top menu bar) then click on the ADD YOUR PROPERTY button on the top right of any page of the website.

Follow then the step by step form and set your property to “online”.

Don’t forget to confirm your email address on the message we sent you!

Do not panic, it happens to the bests of us. Simply click on “Log in” top right of the page. A pop up window will appear, click on “Forgot password”. A new password will be sent to your email address you registered when you first signed up.

Log-in. Go to your Profile Dashboard page the click on “my properties” and select “calendars”. From here, you can manage the availability of your property.

You will receive inquiries directly to your email account (the one you registered with). From this email, you will be able to answer any inquiry.

You can also reach your “inbox” section by clicking Dashboard ->Inbox.

From there you will be able to manage all your booking correspondences with the Traveller.

Bedforest does not permit direct contact between Travellers and Hotels / Property owners as booking through Bedforest is safer for both parties. Moreover, no money can be donated to Non-Profit if the transaction occurs outside Bedforest.

Keeping the communication through Bedforest is essential for both Traveller and Hotels / Property owner is comfort and security. If anything happens (disagreement, conflict, lost, break, or any damage) Bedforest will be able to help each party to find an agreement, and refund one part or the other if necessary. If transaction has been made out of Bedforest, the website won’t be able to help either parties.

You can either meet your Traveller in person in order to give him the keys directly, or leave them to somebody you trust (Friend, Neighbour, Housekeeper etc) If so, don’t forget to let your future Traveller know where exactly they will be able to pick them up.
If the transaction has been made out of Bedforest, the website won’t be able to help either parties.

Yes, your transaction is totally secure as we use Veritrans for both Traveller and Hotels / Property owner transactions.

Hotels / Property owner can receive the funds by bank transfer 2 to 4 working days after the Traveller check-in. Bank must be in Indonesia.

Bedforest doesn't handle refundable damage deposit money transaction. Hotels / Property owners should get the damage deposit money directly from the Traveller upon check-in.

Yes, you can do so in Dashboard ➞ Properties ➞ Edit Policies.

As Bedforest doesn’t handle damage deposit funds, you can choose to receive them in person from the Traveller upon check-in by cash, cheque, credit card or Paypal.

We advise you to contact your Traveller when you cancel a booking the earliest as possible.

When you cancel a booking, be aware that: Your rank will be affected, your calendar will be marked as occupied for these dates, you may be penalized if you cancel more than once in a 6 months period of time.

The Traveller will be totally reimbursed if you cancel the booking before his arrival.

If the Traveller is already in your property while you cancel a booking, you will have to refund the Traveller for each remaining night.

Bedforest will take care of the refund for the Traveller only if cancelled before arrival.


Do not panic, it happens to the bests of us. Simply click on “Log in” top right of the page. A pop up window will appear, click on “Forgot password”. A new password will be sent to your email address you registered when you first signed up.

No, Bedforest doesn’t take any commission in addition of the final price. The final price you see is the one you are going to pay to the Hotels / Property owner. Bedforest only charges the owner, and then donates 1% of the booking amount to a Non-Profit of your choice.

Bedforest uses Veritrans for all transactions on the website.

You can see if a Hotels / Property owner has responded to your request in Dashboard ➞ Inbox ➞ Sent inquiries.

The owner will have to specify it with you through Bedforest mailbox. If he doesn’t do it, don’t hesitate to ask where and when you can get them, otherwise you’ll risk losing time or be blocked at your arrival. Also, arrange with the Hotels / Property owner how to return the keys upon check out.

You may cancel your booking at any time during the booking process by going to Dashboard ➞ Inbox ➞ Sent inquiries or Dashboard ➞ My trips ➞ Overview

Please note that a booking is only considered cancelled when you receive a confirmation email from Bedforest customer service. If payment has already been made, a cancellation may involve penalties depending on the cancellation policy selected by the Hotels / Property owner as well as the payment processor.

First, you have to inform the Hotels / Property owner about it. If you gave a damage deposit, the estimated value of the damaged item maybe retained from the damage deposit. If its value is higher than the damage deposit or if the Hotels / Property owner didn’t ask for one, an agreement should be found between you and the Hotels / Property owner.

Damage deposits should be paid in person by you to the Hotels / Property owner upon check-in. Bedforest doesn’t handle damage deposit.

Once the Hotels / Property owner has agreed to your booking request, you have 24 Hours to provide a payment. Beyond this delay, the inquiry will be cancelled and the property will be marked as available again on the website.